Education & experience that makes
him quicker and wittier

Rich earned a BS of Psychology from Liberty University and has been a freelance writer for nearly a decade, writing for clients ranging from local newspapers and national nonprofits to financial institutions and international hotel chains. Probably in ink.

Education TIME

With apologies to Dorothy Gale, there's no place like home.


"Life is better when I assume people are doing their best." —Brené Brown.


I would definitely take my family—because if we're going to have a 360-degree beach, I'm taking credit for finally planning a family vacation.

Rich Hefty


Coffee is his spirit animal.

Rich brings a style to The Brand Leader that is best suited for catchy headlines, one-line zingers, and taglines that stick.

He’s quick on the draw and can skillfully churn out amazing copy in no time. Rich even has a knack for creating those dreaded, but uber important, email subject lines. Remember kids, if no one reads the invitation, no one’s coming to your party! Rich’s fast pace and quick wit combine to add one more creative tool to The Brand Leader shed, and we aren’t afraid to use it. His keen ability to grasp ideas and then put them into words—the very best words—allows him to describe the visual elements of products and concepts while maintaining a clear and consistent brand voice.

When Rich isn’t wearing down the keyboard, he’s spending time with his family, doing crossword puzzles (in ink!), listening to a podcast, or volunteering with a local nonprofit. He’s also a big fan of chatting with people over a great cup of coffee or a cold beer. Pull up a seat!