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Brian McKay / COO, SC Telco
"They go the extra mile with high-quality work and reliable execution."

What Our Clients Say

We Create
and Lead Brands

We transform great companies into unforgettable, strategically positioned brands.

Branding Services

We specifically focus on leading and serving 2 types of clients, both who have fit our DNA well for 20 years.

Founder-led companies

Rapid growth organizations • Quick decision makers • Between $5m – $125m in revenue

Typically $5m-$125m in revenue, these are rapid-growth organizations with leadership capable of making informed decisions faster than their competitors. These clients see the value in 3rd party advisors like marketing consultants. They’re building great companies, but need a brand consultant and possibly an entire marketing agency to rebrand and better position their firm to transition from a great company into a great brand as their region’s market leader to aggressively take market share from their industry’s 800-pound gorilla(s).

We’re hired by the Founder and/or C-level leaders for branding services but also as a relationship fit, and we maintain direct, consistent access & accountability to C-level leadership for ongoing marketing strategies. We help them discover and craft their authentic message, purpose and brand voice, and advise them through problem solving when barriers stand between them and success.

If that’s you, you landed here because you’re considering rebranding or partnering with a fast-moving, responsive branding agency, and wondering if you should reach out for a discussion.

Non-profit organizations

Organizations and ministries making a true impact on the lives of others

Representing 12% of our business, our non-profit branding clients lean on us as their trusted, senior-level partner alongside their leadership, providing fractional talent in the areas they need. They’ve found us to be a more cost-effective way to steward resources than hiring every non-profit marketing agency function internally, and our experience with founder-led companies brings them a deeper understanding of how entrepreneurs and affluent business leaders (as target donors) make decisions on where to give or partner their companies with to target giving initiatives.

With that comes a track record of working fast with branding and marketing decisions, aggressively challenging status quo and innovating new ways to acquire and retain customers. However, most non-profits and ministries are too stuck in what we call “constraining can’ts”:

  1. We can’t change that because our board…
  2. We can’t communicate our message that way because we’ve always…
  3. We can’t try that new idea because…

If that’s you, we won’t be the right fit for your organization.

However, if you’re not stuck in constraining can’ts and ready to make meaningful changes, then you’re still here because you’re considering rebranding your organization or partnering with a fast-moving, responsive, mission-focused experienced branding team.

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